Manual Recliner Chair 7607019

This recliner is designed for your comfort to make your daily care even more comfortable. From the comfortable reclining seat to the convenient footstool function, the main function of this recliner is to help people sit and stand comfortably with minimal assistance. It is ideal for the elderly and people with mobility difficulties, making them comfortable even when sitting for long periods of time and helping them to stand safely. With this sturdy and reliable recliner, users can live independently even with mobility problems, osteoporosis and joint pain, giving them the freedom to move around and enjoy life to the fullest.


● This products for Dialysis, Blood collection Dialysis, Infusion and Rest

● The back of the recliner is controlled by a folding device and can be converted into 3 different positions.

● 3 different positions can only be controlled by the caregiver

● The black and white color scheme of the side panels, and the streamlined frame are more simple and stylish

● With side tray

● Headrest can be adjusted, comfortable and wide armrest.

● 5”castors

5" With locking casters, silent and non-slip

The headrest Angle is adjustable

Three height adjustable foot rests

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