Rollator 7607007

This product is designed for people who need help moving but don't like the look of traditional walkers. This walker knot is rugged and perfect for those looking for a quality product that lasts. The modern design makes it easy to use, easy to carry, and ideal for users who go out frequently. Its advanced technology provides unmatched performance. Not only is it designed to be comfortable, it is also equipped with many advanced features, perfect for those who want to get around easily and efficiently.


● The sleek, modern design features a lightweight aluminum frame and built-in brake lines for extra safety and protection.

● Ergonomic handle for comfort and control; Press the hand brake to activate the parking brake function.

● Adjust the height of the handle quickly and easily with button height adjustment.

● Large detachable storage bags are perfect for storing your personal belongings or shipping items

The first 9" "After 8"; The wheel is strong and wear-resistant, suitable for all kinds of road surfaces

The lightweight all-aluminum body, foldable construction, and unique three-wheeled design make it easy to cope with various environments

Removable storage bag with handle

● The easy side-to-side folding allows the walker to remain in an upright position, making it easy to roll, park, and store anywhere.

● Increased turning radius while providing additional safety.

● The large 9-inch front wheels allow for optimal steering and easy movement on most terrains, whether indoor or outdoor.

● Out of the box no installation required.

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