Commode Chair 7607017

This pull-down arm wheel toilet chair is a versatile mobility aid that can be used as a standard bedside potty, shower chair or over the toilet. It is a one-stop solution for the health and hygiene needs of the elderly and people with reduced mobility. This wheeled bedpan is made of durable and sturdy material, so it is suitable for everyday use and can be used for many years. This toilet chair features a pull-down arm for easy lateral movement. It allows the patient to easily get in and out of the chair. The upholstered stool is better for extended use than a traditional wheelchair; It's also secure because it has four locking casters that keep it stable when needed.


● Simple, tool-free assembly

● Fully removable for easy storage and transportation

● Rotary detachable foot pedal

● The included collection tray is secured under the seat and can be easily removed from the back of the device

● Comfortable, wide back

● Durable and easy to clean PVC leather seat board with sponge lining

5" Universal caster, flexible operation

PVC leather back, easy to clean, can turn down the armrest, let the user in and out of ease

Textured foot pedals, better friction, collapsible design, allowing users to leave more safely

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