Rollator 7607010

This folding knee walker allows you to maintain mobility while recovering from a foot or calf injury. This knee walker is inexpensive, but has all the competitive features you need, including 350 pounds of weight, a small footprint, and optimal storage space. In addition, non-slip feet and comfortable seats make it easy to use.


● Maintain mobility and independence during recovery

● Easy to manipulate, small turning radius, can be manipulated in narrow Spaces such as corridors and doorways.

● The dual rear wheel braking system provides instant stopping capability and control while walking.

● The push-button parking brake is integrated with the handbrake for easy use when you need to rest safely.

● Padded leg supports provide comfort and stability and are easily compatible with the left or right leg.

● Quickly and easily adjust the height of knee pads or handlebars to meet your individual needs without any tools.

● Foldable design, easy to store and carry.

● The rugged frame supports users weighing up to 350 pounds.

● 10-inch front wheels and 8-inch rear wheels are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use

Top 10" "After 8"; The wheel is strong and wear-resistant, suitable for all kinds of road surfaces

The push-button parking brake is integrated with the handbrake for safe rest

Padded knee pads provide comfort and stability

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