Shower Chair 7607015

Most people feel uncomfortable using the toilet in a wheelchair because they are forced to be in this position. This self-propelled toilet chair alleviates this discomfort as it allows individuals to sit in a more upright ergonomic position, thus making it easier for them to use the toilet. In addition, the self-propelled toilet chair is easy to maneuver in tight Spaces, making it ideal for those who struggle to use a standard toilet. Self-propelled chairs allow users to meet their needs while maintaining dignity. It's a great choice for those who need help getting out of bed or sitting for long periods of time. The ergonomic design combines height-adjustable swivel armrests, and height-adjustable reversible textured foot pedals with heel loops for safety. In addition, the pedal can be easily lowered to the floor when not in use, making getting up easier.


● 24” rear wheels

● Armrest can be lifted

● Adjust the footrest, armrest and seat height without tools.

● The footrest can be height adjusted

● 5“ castor with braking

● Ergonomically designed seats help improve posture

● It can be used as a bathtub and toilet seat

24" The self-pushing wheel is silent and non-slip, allowing users to transfer autonomously, use the toilet, and avoid embarrassment

Large injection molding cushion, easy to clean, ergonomic shape, comfortable to sit

With flexible plastic reversible armrest, comfortable to use, so that users can enter and exit calmly

Unique toilet, easy to draw, and can prevent splashing

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