Rollator 7607011

It's a stylish, space-saving, foldable indoor walker with the decisive advantage of providing independence and comfort in the home. It enables safe movement, comfortable standing and sitting, and safe transportation of meals and other items. The ergonomically shaped, height-adjustable handle with armrest and brake lever allows the walker to operate in a variety of positions and with one hand. A special tray with a few extra features makes it easy to reach the tray while sitting down. The tray has a drink holder and a groove for smartphones and tablets. The mesh pouch underneath the tray is practical and provides user privacy.


● Designed for interior use

● Thanks to its slim design, it can be used anywhere, even if space is limited

● Soft handle with full length brake lever

6" Foam caster, light and stable, simple shape

Adjustable Angle cup holder, easy access to water

Storage bag with front opening, large capacity, easy to take and put items

● The brake can be operated and locked with one hand

● Comes standard with two bags and a large tray with circular grooves

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