Rollator 7607005

This upright walker brings users greater balance and stability while promoting better posture and providing a more natural line of sight than traditional walkers. The height-adjustable padded forearm pad keeps the arm supported and level for a comfortable use experience, while the wide wheels make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. This upright walker folds left and right with one hand, making it a portable, standing walker.


● Padded armrests and upright handles can be adjusted according to the user's height preference.

● Durable and comfortable cushioned seats.

● Simple one-handed side-to-side fold.

● Detachable zipper storage bag.

● Dual front forks for optimal stability and maneuverability.

● Ring lock brakes increase safety and control.

● Adjustable length two-hand brake system

● Backrest with adjustable height can be added.

8" The wheel is strong and wear-resistant, suitable for all kinds of road surfaces

Excellent product design makes logo and product perfect integration

Removable crutch case

Ergonomic hand grip

Non-slip comfortable toggle, simple and stylish appearance

Handrail tube with scale, easy to operate and not easy to make mistakes

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