Rollator 7607006

This walker comes with an ergonomic handbrake for easy operation. The 4-wheeled walker also comes with a seat, making it ideal for seniors who need a break while walking. The walkers have excellent wheel grip and are ideal for the elderly or those with balance problems. In addition, the 4-wheel design provides additional stability and support, making it perfect for seniors who need extra support while walking.


● Ergonomic handle; Adjustable height with audible click and visible height Settings.

● The leather-padded seat comes with a handle that folds and unfolds side to side quickly and easily (rather than front to back), allowing the device to move around narrow doorways.

● A beautiful mesh tote bag attaches to the front frame and can be easily removed as a shoulder bag for carrying personal items.

● The 8-inch non-slip black wheels, with soft grip tires, can glide on almost any road surface.

● The lightweight aluminum frame is durable and can be used for years without worry.

● Fold up for quick and easy transportation and storage in any vehicle.

8" The wheel is strong and wear-resistant, suitable for all kinds of road surfaces

Lightweight all-aluminum body with collapsible construction

Removable shopping bag

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