Rollator 7607012

This two-wheeled walker is fully equipped for comfort and safety. The first is its safety features. The two-wheeled walker has rubber foot covers on its back legs to keep it from slipping off when you rest between steps. In addition, the folding mechanism and handlebar adjustment device are firmly locked in place to prevent movement during use. You can easily feel more comfortable; A non-slip grip on the handle gives you full control of your experience. Finally, the seats are fitted with sponge padding, providing secure, firm comfort for easy sitting and relaxation. It has a foldable design and can be easily carried in the trunk of a car. The push hand allows you to bring your hands together for support and is ergonomically designed for optimal comfort.


● Cushioned seats with comfort and convenience

● Fast folding when not in use

● The tip of the back leg acts as a brake when pressed down

5" Foam caster, light and stable, simple shape

Non-slip grip to control your experience

Cushion with soft lining, comfortable sitting, fashion

● Height-adjustable handle

● The front leg rotating wheel increases maneuverability

● Contoured handle for comfortable grip

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