Shower Chair 7607013

This toilet and shower chair is designed to be practical and comfortable for all personal care purposes. The back and seat profile are designed to be comfortable, and the height adjustable armrests provide additional support. The large, soft wheels make it easy to move around the bathroom, and the bedpan and shower chair are of practical design, perfect for those needing toilet and incontinence care. The chair, which doubles as a potty and shower, is easy to use, and the cushioned seat and backrest are comfortable. The practicality of the chair design ensures that it is easy to use for both the caregiver and the person being cared for, while remaining comfortable at all times.


● Seats, footstools and armrests are adjustable in height

● The handrail can be turned to the rear side for easy transfer

● The footrest can be height adjusted

5" With locking casters, silent and non-slip

The overall shape is simple and stylish, and the reversible armrest allows users to enter and exit calmly

Large injection molding cushion, easy to clean, ergonomic shape, comfortable to sit

● The pedals are fitted with heel loops for extra safety

● Safety wheel lock

● Easy to operate in a compact location

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